Geolocation and security: security management

Integrate security management into your daily management


Location finding in real time

With the monitoring box installed in the vehicle, its every movement is transmitted by GPRS/GSM to the server. In real time, you can see displayed on maps or on management panels the exact location of the vehicle, the route taken, its speed, distance travelled, direction followed, etc. 
The maps supplied by our partner Teleatlas are frequently updated and, in addition to the real-time location display provided by Telefleet, you can consult your vehicles movement histories.

  • exact position of the vehicle
  • km travelled
  • starting, stopping
  • exact departure and arrival times
  • speed
  • display on map, time line, management panel 
  • customization of reports (frequency, driver, vehicles, alarm, etc.)

Continuous monitoring, security management on a daily basis

In addition to the location finding-function, Telefleet enhancesreactivity in the event of exceptional circumstances created by the driver or the vehicle. In such situations, it is possible to respond rapidly to a critical situation. The management of criminalactivity, technical, or “operational” alarms ensures:

  • service quality,
  • minimized insurance costs, and 
  • property and personal security.

Alarms can be transmitted to specific persons or applications by e-mail or, SMS or within third applications by XML (control centres, etc.).

Telefleet is able to monitor:

  • detection of movement/change of location
  • unauthorized start up
  • accident
  • low or disconnected battery
  • temperature too low/too high, humidity
  • attack, theft
  • speeding
  • geofencing (exit from a boundary limit)
  • and so on. 


You can manage various alarms specific to your sector or your business remotely, thereby enabling you to:

  • improve and,
  • identify and respond quickly to all anomalies.

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