Geolocation saves fuel

Cut fuel consumption by 5 to 15%

Fuel consumption in goods haulage depends on a number of factors, such as the load, the driver, the itinerary and the weather.
Telefleet enables you to measure fuel consumption for a single driver or the whole fleet, with or without CANBus.  Detailed charts and on-line reports give you the key to optimising fuel consumption management.
And if FMS is available on board the vehicles we can also provide you with actual consumption data and lots more information.


Cut your fuel bill by making your drivers aware

To reduce your fuel consumption Telefleet analyses driving effectiveness and driver behaviour,

including engine running time when stationary, sudden braking, speed and other factors that affect fuel consumption and wasting fuel.

Based on journey histories, specific fuel consumption charts enable you to analyse consumption and to take action to reduce your fuel costs.


Good driver habits and a steady driving style result in significant fuel savings of between 5 and 15% in a real situation.

Making your drivers aware of economical driving brings the undeniable advantage of greener driving! Not only can you reduce your fuel costs but your company’s carbon footprint will also be smaller. 
As an option, real-time data on driver behaviour (sharp cornering, sudden braking, vehicle stationary with the engine running, etc.) can be displayed via a dashboard-mounted Driver Feedback unit. Driver Feedback helps your drivers to engage with a greener driving policy. For more information click on

Optimise rounds

While driver behaviour definitely impacts on actual fuel consumption, it’s also essential to optimise itineraries and to manage rounds efficiently.

Working out the fastest route, avoiding traffic jams and cutting down the number of stops and starts will all help to save fuel.
Telefleet offers schedule management and round planning features.
Furthermore, if you want an advanced schedule optimisation tool, visit our site 

The benefits for you

Telefleet also offers you lots of other advantages:

  • truck and driver activity analysis
  • automated job reports
  • accurate billing based on real data
  • security of your vehicles (trailers, containers, etc.)
  • journey scheduling and optimisation
  • use of specific reports and simplified administration (Eurovignettes, etc.)
  • access to the speedometer and downloading of data if required

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