Manage your spreaders with Telefleet gelocation

As a spreading contractor you often have to upload job data in real time to the server of the authority you are working for.

Benefits of geolocation for spreaders

Telefleet is a geolocation solution that provides traceability and at the same time enables you to reduce your costs by rationalising vehicle use:

  • Optimise rounds
  • Manage your resources
  • Monitor your crews in real time and display their journeys
  • Rationalise vehicle use, especially for urgent operations
  • Guarantee the security of your vehicles
  • Schedule your maintenance, etc.

Specific data returned by Telefleet

As well as the route travelled by the spreaders, the following data are available:

  • Heat engine
  • Blade
  • Salting / sanding

    Can be installed on any make of equipment:


    • GPS box fitted to the lorry or tractor
    • Sensors on the blade and sanding equipment

    flecheTelefleet is the ideal geolocation solution for spreaders. Contact us for a proposal tailored to your particular requirements.



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