Range of Telematic boxes

To match your requirements as closely as possible, Telefleet offers various models of boxes with different functional features.


Telematic boxes:  fitted in the vehicle, it communicates through GPRS, SMS, Satellite,... the events types and GPS positions of the vehicle to the server. We propose a whole range of different devices models in order to equip the motor vehicles as well as non-powered assets (trailers, containers,…).

  • With built-in charger enabling it to be used in situations where the power supply is intermittent. 
  • Container dedicated: box installed inside containers in absolute secrecy. 
  • Satellite is a unit operating on the Inmarsat network. It provides coverage of five oceans and territory with low GPS coverage.
  • Tracer Self Powered Solar is a unit incorporating a solar panel that is required to recharge the batteries. It is an ideal solution for assets in remote locations (no infrastructure for recharging).etc.

Object Management with active/passive RFID technology for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags/labels attached to objects.


Dallas Key for people identification



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