Road transport, logistics, and distribution

You can even check the shipment's temperature during transport

Today, road transport is an integral part of the logistics chain (storage, handling, and transport operations). There are many items of datathroughout the logistics chain that are key to ensuring the qualityof your services. Sometimes you will want to know the exact location of a vehicle, if the load temperature is correct, if thedriver is following his schedule or a vehicle’s fuel consumptionbecause your company is conscious of its carbon footprint, etc. Together with your existing management software, Telefleet provides an answer to all your monitoring requirements, which you can adapt based on the multiplicity of functions offered. Discover the benefits of Telefleet.

Functional features specific to road transport, logistics, and distribution

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Real-time trackinginclusinclusinclusoptionneloptionnel
Driver IDinclusinclusinclus  
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Door openingoptionneloptionnel optionneloptionnel
Trailer couplingoptionneloptionneloptionneloptionneloptionnel
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Telefleet offers “Online Tracking” transmitting position information in real time (one position every 30 seconds) or at 30 minute or 1 hour intervals, depending on your requirements. Your monitoring requirements:

  • km
  • GeoFencing    
  • Driver ID
  • Operating hours/static hours 
  • Vehicle immobilization 
  • Trailer coupling and ID
  • Tachygraph  
  • Fuel consumption  
  • Sales round planning
  • Theft alarm
  • Dynamic tracking  
  • Door opening
  • Profiling and driving behaviour   
  • Intruder alarm
  • On-board screen for communications (free text, job assignment) + navigation + optional traffic information
  • etc.


The Telefleet package linked to our range of boxes is suitable for:

  • Vans
  • Trailers
  • Lorries
  • Containers
  • Tractor units




  1. Environmentally friendly:  Manage your carbon footprint through an overall view of fuel consumption, adaptation of sales rounds, and anticipation of maintenance.

  2. A manager close to his drivers:  Follow their actions every 30 seconds. Foresee every problem. 

  3. Optimize the quality of your services:  by providing precise information on loading and delivery times, any delays, etc.

  4. Overview of pairings:  Know which driver is driving which tractor unit coupled to which trailer and with which, if any, container!

fleche Telefleet is the ideal geomanagement package for your business.Contact us for a service proposal tailored to your precise requirements.

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