Why choose Telefleet to keep track of your vehicles?

10 key strengths to meet your needs:

un Solutions specific to "business sectors"
deux Options and functions available in modular form depending on the measures/actions relevant to your business
trois User-friendly, completely web-based: Telefleet does not require any software; an Internet connection is all you need.
quatre Customized reports: A wide selection of reports in modular and automated form for optimal monitoring.
cinq Ongoing development: Frequent function development with remote updating.
/six Multilingual: Telefleet is available in a number of languages.
/sept Focused on your future applications and requirements: driving behaviour, geoplanning, e-call, etc.
huit International coverage: You can track your vehicles in a wide range of countries, with the number of countries covered being increased every year.
neuf Integration: Telefleet can be integrated fully into your critical applications and allows synchronisation of information for greater efficiency.
dix Range of boxes: Several models of Teletracer telematic boxes (stand-alone, direct power supply, solar powered, etc.), enabling them to be fitted to all types of motorized machines and vehicles as well as to non-motorized units such as lorry trailers, caravans, containers, cranes, etc.



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